Tasty Links

The purpose of Tasty Links is to provide you with some hilarious entertainment and a look at stuff that I like, whether I find it randomly on the Internet or someone sends it to me somehow. I’ll also be posting things I find that are bizarre, cool, exciting, interesting, newsworthy etc… At the moment I’ve discontinued Tasty Links until I overcome laziness and learn how to blog better. Enjoy!

Fight Shrub

Settlers of Catan – McDonald’s Edition

Trombone Flamethrower = Epic

Lion Lies on Man (possibly while drugged, but who am I to judge?)

Awesome beer commercial:

I can dig it:

Kid Cudi music video – Pursuit of Happiness

Trailer for season 4 of Breaking Bad:


Dog jumps in water to play with dolphins:

Awesome fan-made trailer for LA Noire… I want….

The first of a 4-part, 50-minute discussion of stand-up by some of my favorite comedians. Definitely worth a watch if you have the time:

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make me laugh every time:

Some wicked good animation:

This is insane and there’s a reason why it has 25 million views so far:

Normally I wouldn’t post an advertisement but this is amazing and I have to give props to Skittles. Watch it in full screen and put your finger on the screen as directed by the voiceover:

Psychic cat!

A talking dog just wants some cold cuts

Blind Film Critic reviews Scream 4 (re: Cynical-C)

Sexist Coffee Ad from the 1960s (re: Cynical-C)

Funny but traumatic experience for some Japanese kids:

Ham Solo (via Reddit user Young_Zaphod):

The following video is funny to me mainly because a doctor once actually prescribed ‘ginger ale, crackers and apple sauce’ to me to deal with stomach pains. I was hospitalized 24 hours later and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

This video is most likely offensive to some, but hilarious to others!

Obama Unplugged = awesome

Red pandas playing in the snow = awesome

I can’t decide if I want to laugh and enjoy this commercial or gag and think hateful thoughts:

Amazing wall-paint animation: MUTO by BLU

The saddest cartoon penis ever:

Yoga Cat!

Billy Connolly on colonoscopies and the preparation involved beforehand, a pain I know all too well as a sufferer of ulcerative colitis:

Smosh.com posted the 22 most uncomfortable album covers of all time. I can’t stop laughing. Below are a few of my favorites. For the full list, go here.

Oh Grandma…

Funny Louis CK Animation:

Who doesn’t like a little random sexy saxophone playing?

The best part of this video is at 1:30:

After Hours is a hilarious and insightful series from Cracked.com:

I wasn’t planning on posting pictures here but I really liked this one. Click to enlarge:

Watch this trailer for Battlefield 3  in 720p, it looks fantastic:

I can’t tell if this movie will be awesome or not, but I still want to see it:

Apollo Gauntlet is an awesome animated web series that I love. Granted the first episode is a bit weak, I strongly urge you to power through it and check out the rest of the series because it’s dear to my heart.

A youtube video with 50 million+ views certainly doesn’t need any help getting more, but I love it anyway. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy:

This entertains me for reasons I’m probably not allowed to talk about due to a non-disclosure agreement I signed:

Skyscrapers swaying during earthquake in Japan:

Funny post by The Onion (as if there’s any other kind):

A glimpse into the future of gaming. Revealed at the 2011 Game Developers Conference, the real-time demo of “Samaritan” shows what Epic wants to see in the next generation of games.

Hilarious British Animal Voiceovers:

Lego Matrix: I’m sure most people have seen this, but if not, it is amazing and awe-inspiring.

Wicked awesome stop-motion NES games (link sent to me by Ross)

Discover the benefits of the Ayds diet plan!

Charlie Sheen or Muammar Gadaffi? Whose line is it anyway?

The following link was sent to me by my friend, Jer:

A deep contemplation of relationships, gender and sexism by College Humor


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