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Review: Grimm and American Horror Story

Today I’ve decided to blog about two new shows in the Fall lineup because I like to watch TV… a lot. Frankly It’s tough for the average person to find time to watch every new show and continue with the regulars unless you’re retired, morbidly obese, incredibly lazy or simply unemployed.

Or those whose souls have been stolen by World of Warcraft...

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An Homage to TV Badassery

A friend of mine was talking to me about some of his favorite TV moments the other day and it got me thinking about my own. There are many shows I love, watch and share with people for many different reasons. I enjoy comedies (Community, Louie, 30 Rock), dramas (Mad Men, The Wire, Deadwood) and everything in between (Carnivale, Breaking Bad, Dexter). But there’s one thing about shows that resonate with me on a deeper level than most elements and that is a character who defies the rules, looks his enemy in the eye and then kicks him in the balls without blinking. So here for you now are just some of my favorite moments in TV badassery.

Jack Bauer killing his enemy using the only gift God gave him: legs stronger than the mighty oak.

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