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An Open Letter to the Anonymous Facebook Friend Who Deleted Me Recently

Dear anonymous un-friend,

I don’t know what to say. To be honest, I was shocked when I came online today to discover that my stable of Facebook friends had dropped from 387 to 386. This isn’t the first time this has happened nor will it be the last, but in spite of that I decided to take the time to write to you. So please, bear with me now as I unleash my heart and soul upon the world.

This emoticon represents the current status of my soul right now.

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My Thoughts on E3

Last week was the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3 as it’s more commonly referred to) in Los Angeles, easily one of the largest and probably the most popular video game conferences in the world (perhaps second only to the Tokyo Game Show as far as I know). I was there with my company, Gameloft, covering our latest releases for our podcast and helping to establish our company’s presence in the gaming community. It’s easily one of the most fun elements of my job and clearly the best part. I’d always wondered what E3 would be like as I had only heard about it and seen videos online.

I’ve always considered myself a gamer and fan of all things related to gaming. I grew up with computers, consoles and board games so gaming has remained a huge hobby of mine. When I get home I’m going to take a picture of my closet to show you my massive board game collection, but in the meantime, here’s a substitute:

My shelves aren't as neat as this but you get the idea.

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Spanish Train – Questions, Questions, Questions!

I don’t remember exactly how it popped into my head, but last night I was thinking about Chris De Burgh’s Spanish Train and I started having an odd conversation in my mind. Perhaps it had something to do with the Benydril I took to help me sleep (I have a cold) but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway, as your pre-blog-reading session I have provided a Youtube link with the song and lyrics below. Sadly I could not find an official music video, only cheap fan-made ones as is the standard on Youtube.

So basically this song is about an epic poker showdown between God and The Devil (if you believe in that sort of thing). It was released in 1975 as part of a larger Album called Spanish Train and Other Stories. Perhaps the most awesometastic ‘other story’ is one called “A Spaceman Came Travelling” which is about exactly what it sounds like.

Who's YOUR favorite spaceman?

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Capitalist T-Shirts! *gasp*

Every morning I browse the available shirt on to see what they have in stock. Like the rest of their clientele I enjoy buying shirts whose artwork reminds me of something I like. Most of the artists featured on Teefury (and the majority of online t-shirt vendors, I suppose) sell shirts that combine two pop culture references into one shirt thus making a successful joke. Anytime they can combine Dr. Who with The Who, for example, it’s usually an instant classic.

Little known fact: Like Keith Moon, the Ninth Doctor actually died after ingesting 32 tablets of Clomethiazole before coming back as David Tennant.

I don’t know why this bothers me, but it does. I acknowledge that it’s hilarious if you’re a fan, but I guess on some level I see it more as artists behaving in the way that companies do when they’re trying to sell you something. They try to get inside your head and figure out what you want to spend your money on, or how they can convince you to part with your hard-earned dollars. Sure $15 after shipping and handling isn’t much for something you like, but it still seems somewhat underhanded to me. I don’t doubt that many of the artists only create  work that they themselves would wear on shirts, but by the same token I don’t doubt that there are also those who make shirts they feel certain will sell regardless of their own taste. After all, isn’t that basically what capitalism is?

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Nerd Rant: Consistency is Key!

Caution: The following contains a nerdy rant that may be considered obnoxious to some readers, as such reader discretion is advised. If at any time during this post you’ve had enough of me and my opinions, feel free to check out the video embed at the end of this post to relieve yourself of any pent-up nerd-rage.

OK, now that that’s over with, I’d like you to take a look at the below video at about 3 minutes in. It’s a trailer for  a Star Wars video game, but there’s a unique detail at about 3:30 that I think merits intense nerdy scrutiny. (Aside: The trailer itself is pretty sick and as a gamer, it made me drool, but that’s beside the point)

So basically these two Jedi are having a lightsaber duel that (in usual Star Wars fashion) is quick, fancily choreographed and basically eye candy for geeks everywhere. HOWEVER, there is one detail to this fight that undermines what nerds everywhere have known about Star Wars since the dawn of time and that calls into question some of the major plot points of the films. Basically the dark jedi makes a stab with his lightsaber to finish off the jedi who then blocks the attack with her HAND! Presumably this is done using the Force, but if this is even possible, then why the hell didn’t any other jedi in the history of star wars think of doing this? We’ve been taught that the lightsaber is the ultimate weapon that basically no one can resist unless that person also has a lightsaber.

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