An array of awesome things to look at

In lieu of anything written this week, I’ve decided instead to post links to videos, articles, images and galleries that I quite enjoyed. If you’re a savvy explorer of the Internet, I have no doubt you’ve seen most of this already, however I digress: I post nothing but the best and all of these were entertaining to me for various reasons. Enjoy!

A gallery of 25 celebrities you didn’t know were in classic shows and movies:

Flight of the Conchord's Bret McKenzie in Lord of the Rings

Collegehumor’s collection of “The Year in Funny“. Sure to keep you occupied for a while today.

An interesting and amusing article about Molson’s latest ad campaign.

The latest trailers for The Hobbit and The Dark Knight Rises, two films I am incredibly anxious to watch.

Not as psyched about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus as the previous two films, but I’m still excited.

An interesting TED talk about Facebook and Google’s automated filtration system.

An ah-MAZING gallery of awkward family photos. This one is a must see.

There are no words for this one.


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