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In lieu of anything written this week, I’ve decided instead to post links to videos, articles, images and galleries that I quite enjoyed. If you’re a savvy explorer of the Internet, I have no doubt you’ve seen most of this already, however I digress: I post nothing but the best and all of these were entertaining to me for various reasons. Enjoy!

A gallery of 25 celebrities you didn’t know were in classic shows and movies:

Flight of the Conchord's Bret McKenzie in Lord of the Rings

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A Completely Un-Funny Post About The Future of Online Memorials

Today I intend to beat a dead horse, pun intended. It’s not news any more that when people pass away in the age of social networking, their online presence lingers, leaving behind virtual footprints which can still be observed by friends, family or whoever. By this point in time, almost all of us have had people in our lives who have died while their online footprints continue to exist. Facebook responded to this in 2009 and currently offers users the opportunity to memorialize loved ones, essentially leaving profiles intact but preventing information from popping up unexpectedly in news feeds or suggestions. It is both cryptic and somehow appropriate to allow the profiles of deceased users to remain online so that friends and family can share messages of remembrance to honor the dearly departed. I’ll let Katie Couric elaborate more concisely:

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Oh Alex…

This clip was posted on Youtube 4 years ago but I never saw it and I’m guessing you didn’t either. Prepare to have your childhood and adulthood memories destroyed in less than 2 minutes.

Source: A hilarious Cracked article with more of the same.

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An Open Letter to the Anonymous Facebook Friend Who Deleted Me Recently

Dear anonymous un-friend,

I don’t know what to say. To be honest, I was shocked when I came online today to discover that my stable of Facebook friends had dropped from 387 to 386. This isn’t the first time this has happened nor will it be the last, but in spite of that I decided to take the time to write to you. So please, bear with me now as I unleash my heart and soul upon the world.

This emoticon represents the current status of my soul right now.

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Review: Grimm and American Horror Story

Today I’ve decided to blog about two new shows in the Fall lineup because I like to watch TV… a lot. Frankly It’s tough for the average person to find time to watch every new show and continue with the regulars unless you’re retired, morbidly obese, incredibly lazy or simply unemployed.

Or those whose souls have been stolen by World of Warcraft...

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The weight of the world temporarily crushed my spirit this Fall with all the goings-on and stuff but I’m going to try being more proactive in my blogging. I read an article on Cracked this morning which I found both amusing and insightful. It basically discusses the ways in which the next generation is boned and condemned to low-paying jobs, unemployment, living lives of social awkwardness and general misery unless they remain connected to their devices. I felt a bit down after that but a friend sent me the following video which cheered me up considerably. It is possibly the best thing I’ve seen online in a while, so much so that it inspired me to write a quick blog post this morning. Enjoy!

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One of these things is not an iPhone

A colleague of mine brought in a phone that one of his friends has possession of. Since we work for a mobile gaming company, he thought we’d all get a kick out of it and I certainly did. As such I decided to share some quick snapshots I took of the phone next to an iPhone. Can YOU guess which one is an Apple product and which is the cheap knockoff?

Apparently the phone came from China and as you can see, it’s an Android phone. I don’t know more than that at the moment, but if I find out, I’ll post here. In the meantime, feel free to discuss!

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